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5 Benefits of Using Seigle’s Versus a Big Box Store

When you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you may wonder where to start and where to source your cabinets. If you are debating between using a Big Box Store or Seigle’s for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, we’ve got you covered. A lot of customers love to use Seigle’s because we are a family-owned local business—but that’s not the only reason to choose Seigle’s. Below are 5 main benefits Seigle’s offers when compared to a warehouse store—and some of them may surprise you!


1. Years of experience. Seigle’s was founded in 1881—giving us well over a century more experience than any competitor.

2. Quality. If you compare Seigle’s staff and product to the Big Box offerings, we’re sure you’ll find our quality to be far better! Our staff of salespeople and designers are the highest quality, with an average of 25 years in the industry and 14.5 years working at Seigle’s. This means a major familiarity with the remodel process, offerings, and more. Also, because we are specialists in kitchen and bathroom remodels, we offer a wider assortment of products for every budget. We offer the best kitchen and bath cabinetry brands in a wide array of styles, from stock to semi-custom and custom, as well as full-access European frameless cabinetry. We also purchase by truckload, so our product has shorter lead times, meaning the process can often get moving quicker.

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3. Attention. You can be assured that you will have our focus from the start to the finish of your project. We’ll meet when you want by setting appointments that meet your schedule—not ours. Our staff routinely will visit the job site to verify the measurements and site conditions. And we perform all delivery logistics, meaning that the product comes into our warehouse and is delivered by our drivers on our trucks, dramatically lowering the opportunity for damage.

4. Selection process. Seigle’s showrooms offer complete fully decorated up-to-date designer displays. You have the chance to take home samples that are available for check out so you can see and coordinate the product in the final setting before purchase. We also have mouldings and accessories (fillers/panels) in-stock for immediate availability. Because we have large showrooms devoted to kitchen and bathroom remodels, we have a full range product assortment as opposed to the limited availability at warehouse stores.

A Seigle's customer recently rented a Menards truck—and used it to pick up Seigle's product for a remodel. Seigle's was clearly worth the extra trip!

A Seigle’s customer recently rented a Menards truck—and used it to pick up Seigle’s product for a remodel. Seigle’s was clearly worth the extra trip!

5. Price. Customers find that Seigle’s pricing is comparable or lower than warehouses—plus we often have exclusive vendor promotions and our own promotions to help curb the cost and reward our customers, who we love!

And we offer full service as a one-stop shop—so if you choose, you can work with our designers, our hand-selected contractors, and of course, purchase cabinets and countertops all in one location! Interested in visiting a showroom to get started on your remodel? Make an appointment below! We can’t wait to give you the attention and service you deserve.

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