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6 Steps to Begin Your Kitchen Remodel

So you are tired of your kitchen, and you are ready to get started on the remodel you’ve been visualizing. Or you know you’d like a kitchen remodel sometime in your future and you want to prepare. Since many of our customers have never experienced a kitchen remodel in the past, we thought it would be helpful to give a brief overview of the basic steps to begin a kitchen remodel. Then you can be on your way to the kitchen of your dreams! We spoke with Lorin Kirksey, Designer and Salesman at Seigles to understand the initial steps in getting your kitchen remodel started. His thoughtful explanations are below!

1ZAfter11. Figure out a general idea of what you’d like. Take a look around your kitchen to determine what you like, don’t like, and what you envision in your future kitchen. Need ideas of what’s possible? Check out some of our Before and After projects, use our fun online tool: The Kitchen Visualizer, or stop by your nearest Seigles showroom to take a look at our displays and the many choices from our cabinet brands. Here you can see a huge variety of options, including a dozen or so different wood species, the hundred plus door styles, and thousands of color choices. But don’t be overwhelmed by the choices—once we determine your needs and wants, we will be able to reduce the above numbers to a small sampling so that you may choose what best fits into the style of your home along with your existing color pallet or the new one you want to create. You can be sure that your Seigle’s designer will pull together a number of our samples for you to borrow so that you can view them in your home.

2. Take some easy measurements. For us to best help you with your design, room dimensions will play a key roll. The dimensions don’t have to be exact. In the past we have received everything from approximate dimensions on paper napkins to detailed dimensions on graph paper. We will make an appointment with you to measure your kitchen with accuracy, once we have completed your design and you have made a commitment to use Seigle’s as your cabinet and counter top company. To create a kitchen design, for most projects there are three important dimensions:
a. The size of your kitchen window. Measure the width of your window and include the window casing (trim) if it has one.
b. Where the window is on the wall. Measure from the corner of your kitchen to the outside of the window trim.
c. The height of your ceiling. Rounding it up or down to the nearest foot will be fine at this point. We will be measuring it again.
If you have any questions while taking your measurements, just give us a call at one of our showrooms and we’ll walk you through it.

3. Have an idea of appliances you’d like to use. If you have not chosen your appliances, but you have a good idea as to what you will be purchasing or reusing we will definitely have enough information to start your new kitchen design. We will confirm your appliance specifications and/or measure your existing appliances when we take final kitchen measurements.

4. Take some pictures or video. A picture is worth a thousand words, so bring a few snapshots of your kitchen to the appointment. We’ve even had clients bring video that shows the kitchen and the surrounding rooms to give us a great idea of the space we’re working with. If you’re unable to take pictures or video, that is fine as well.

5. Set up an appointment at Seigle’s. Appointments with your Seigle’s designer is not always necessary, but to assure a time slot in which your designer can meet with you exclusively, it is helpful to set an appointment. There is no fee for our design services. The first appointment usually lasts around an hour. You can set an appointment online now.

6. Have your first appointment with a Seigle’s designer. Bring the measurements and photo and/or video mentioned above to your appointment, as well as any ideas of what you’d like in your remodeled kitchen. You are welcome to work with your own interior designer or contractor (as we love to and are used to working with others). Or if you don’t have your own contractor or designer, you can choose to work with our own design team, which has over 100 years of combined experience. Either way works with us, and either way we are sure you will end up with a kitchen you love!

So get started on your kitchen remodel today! We look forward to working with you. Make an appointment below.

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