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Ask the Expert: How much room do appliances need in my kitchen design?

When you are remodeling or designing your new kitchen, you may have several questions as you work your way through the process. Seigle’s designers are experts and would love to help you out! In this new series, we will be taking your excellent questions, and our skilled team members will provide answers based on their years of experience.

The first question we’ll tackle is very common during the design phase of a new kitchen. You know you need to fit your appliances in your new kitchen, but you are wondering if you can change their placement or how to be sure they will fit. Seigle’s designer Kim Hill answers this very good question below.

Are there minimum clearance requirements for appliances?

Kim HillYes, you should always follow the appliance manufacturer’s specifications for the minimum spacing. 

As a general rule though here are the guidelines;

Over-the-Range Microwaves

Most of these require a minimum of 66”-72” mounting height from floor to the top of the microwave, which allows approximately 13″ to 16″ between the cooktop and the bottom front of the microwave.

Vent Hoods

Spacing between the cooktop and the vent hood ranges from 28″ to 36″.


You will need to allow for proper ventilation. 1/2” is recommended on each side and and 1″ at the top and back.

Again, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s specifications on spacing. Be sure to give your cabinet designer the model numbers of your appliances as soon as you have them so that they can make sure that the layout will work.


Thank you, Kim, for the clear and concise answer! Do you have a question for our designers about your kitchen remodel? Contact us today!

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