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Cooking Up Cabinet Ideas: Deep Drawers!

One of the most exciting parts of remodeling a kitchen is picking out a unique, creative feature. Often, this option will be memorable and will be the talking point when you are giving friends and family a first tour, showing off what you’ve done. It also usually is extremely smart and functional, changing how you use your new space.

Jessica LoconteSeigle’s Designers are constantly Cooking Up Cabinet Ideas—that’s because they know functional, creative cabinet features that work for our customers. Sometimes our designers love what is interesting or quirky—perfectly suited for the client’s wishes. And sometimes they love features that are universally loved—needed in every new kitchen. Today, designer Jessica Dillman wanted to feature her favorite option for every kitchen: Deep drawers.

“I’ve always loved deep drawers. And with current trends to have a more open kitchen space and eliminate upper cabinets and replace with floating shelves, the deep drawers provide a perfect place for extra storage,” said Jessica.

“These deep drawer cabinets solve a number of problems,” said Jessica. “They can help declutter your kitchen countertops by giving you space to store small appliances. The drawers can be the new home for your plates, bowls, and other diningware if you have decided to eliminate upper cabinets. They are also great for stacking Tupperware or storing your pots and pans and keeping them organized. Besides offering organization, deep drawers allow easier access to stored items.”

All Seigle’s brands offer deep drawers. The pricing can vary depending on the brand of cabinet you are selecting. It will generally cost a little more than your standard base cabinet. “However, having better access to your stored items is priceless!” said Jessica.

If you like deep drawers, you might also consider two deep drawer cabinets with an added accessory, like the pegged dish organizer. There is also a deep two drawer cabinet that can have a roll tray in it for smaller stored items.


Feature: Deep Drawers
Cost: Varies, but usually a little more than base cabinets.
Cabinet Brand Offering the Feature: Any!
Recommended for: Owners who love organization and storage.

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