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Cooking Up Cabinet Ideas: Trash/Recycling Cabinets

One of the most exciting parts of remodeling a kitchen is picking out a feature that makes perfect sense, is functional, and helps to keep you organized. Modern kitchens offer so many features that make people with older cabinets say, “Aha! That’s how it is supposed to be done!”

Seigle’s Designers are constantly Cooking Up Cabinet Ideas—that’s because they know functional, creative cabinet features that work for our customers. Sometimes our designers love what is interesting or quirky—perfectly suited for the client’s wishes. And sometimes they love features that are universally loved—must-haves that are needed in every new kitchen. Today, designer Mary Garst wanted to feature her favorite option for every kitchen: Trash/Recycling Cabinets


“Trash and recycling cabinets are features that we often take for granted,” said Garst. “But who wants to see the trash cans in a kitchen when you can hide it in the cabinet? There it is safe from pets, it is not an eyesore, and it eliminates the tripping hazard. I’ve recommended this for years!”

All Seigle’s brands offer trash/recycling cabinets from 15″ single bins to 18-24″ double bins. The cost varies from $250-$700, depending on the brand and kitchen configuration. “This feature is worth it for everyone,” said Garst.


Feature: Trash/Recycling Cabinet
Cost: $250-700
Cabinet Brand Offering the Feature: Any!
Recommended for: Owners who don’t like to look at trash.

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