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Countertops: A Visual Guide to Your Many Options

When you remodel your kitchen, a huge part of the design is how the cabinetry works with the countertops. That’s why, at Seigle’s, we offer both cabinetry and countertops so your process can be cohesive, with one working with and complementing the other. You have a lot of major choices to make to create the style and functionality of your dreams—and we are here to simplify the process.

When it comes to countertops, you have a lot of options—materials with various benefits, budgets, and colors, patterns, and finishes galore. Here, we just want to give you a visual guide of the many brands available at Seigle’s so you can start considering what you would like to use to “top off” your kitchen remodel!

Quartz and Manufactured Stone Countertops.

Here is where human innovation meets the qualities of natural stone. Various modern day engineers have harnessed the beauty and durability of natural stone and manufactured options that look stunning and offer features and benefits, based on the option selected. This process offers you the ultimate selection of the product where style meets function.

Granite Countertops. 

The most natural of all options, granite is 100 percent natural stone. Choose a slab, which will be unique to your kitchen. The look is polished, with a wide variety of colors. It is resistant to chips and stains. 

Wood Countertops. 

Wood countertops offer a warm, inviting style and another natural look. Our wood countertop brands offer the best in selection, quality, and style. 

Learn more about Wood Countertop brands: 

Laminate Countertops. 

The most affordable option, laminate is a plastic-coated, low maintenance, and comes with a variety of colors. It is not as resistant to scratches or stains as stone options. This product is a great budget friendly option.


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