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Insider’s Look Part 3: Snoop Inside the Cabinets of This Custom Lake Geneva Kitchen to find Hidden Gems!

We’ve been taking you through an incredible new home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where the owners took their new home to the next level with custom cabinets. We took a look at the incredible kitchen and toured the rest of the custom cabinetry features throughout the home Now we are going to get up close and personal by taking a peek inside of some of their cabinets!  

You’ll see from these pictures that not every drawer is what it seems—the custom cabinetry includes a ton of hidden gems that will be sure to surprise you! It proves how well style and function can work together when kitchen dreams come true. Now let’s snoop around!

Can you guess what is stored in this drawer? Read on to find out!

Appliance garage. This cabinet face rolls down to hide the day-to-day appliances and mimics the full height wall cabinet (the Miele coffee maker) on the other side of the fridge/freezer area. It creates a more cohesive look when viewing the wall and hides the day-to-day odds and ends.

Integrated decorative ends. A panel is built into the side of cabinet for a more flush look.

Microwave drawer with a flush inset installation. Can you imagine the ease of having a microwave drawer? In this installation application, the door sits flush with the cabinet doors that are inset into the face frame of the cabinetry. It offers a cleaner more custom look.

Tall drawer heads. We realigned the face frame to reflect a 3 drawer cabinet by applying two drawer heads together on the drawer box. This allowed for an aesthetic balance as the 3 drawer heads was the preferred look but having two actual drawers was more functional for storing taller items.

Wood knife inserts. These knife organizers offer the perfect place to keep and protect your kitchen knives.

Refrigerator drawers. Refrigerator drawers offer extra cold storage, and they are disguised with custom wood fronts.

Ironing board drawer. Mystery drawer from above revealed! In your laundry room, you can never have enough space. So an ironing board drawer offers the perfect place to keep an awkward item to store. It’s always right there when you need it!

Attached toe-kick for roll-in storage. The space below a cabinet door that is attached to the floor is called a “toe kick.” This cabinet was modified to remove floor of the cabinet. Then the toe kick area was attached directly to the door. This allows for storage of items you’d rather roll right into a cabinet, like a vacuum. Just open the door and roll an item right in on the floor in lieu of lifting an object and damaging the bottom of a standard cabinet.

Builder: John Matustik, Matustik Builders
Designer: Brady Matthews, Sojourn Design House
Seigle’s Representative: Tracey Paulson, Seigle’s Cabinet Center

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