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Kitchen Design Challenge Area: No Cutting Corners!

Every good guy has a nemesis. So of course, all kitchen design superheroes have a bad guy who is out to get them. One of the sneakiest, quietest villains out there might be a surprise. This villain is inevitable—it pops up before the construction process, even, and in every kitchen, whether it’s a cozy cottage or a sprawling gourmet wonder. This nemesis works on two angles—two right angles, actually, most of the time. This nemesis is corners.

Corners can hide and bury pots and pans. They can torture homeowners by requiring daily back-breaking contortions. They can even kill—space, that is; wreak havoc by creating dead space. But luckily, an expert designer can easily outsmart this smart foe using only their thinker and some tools from their toolbox. We can hear the Seigle’s designers now in their offices: “Go go gadget shelves! Go go gadget roll-out trays!” (Seigle’s Designer Steve Fry recently answered the common customer question: What is the best way to design corner cabinets?)

The solutions below are clever—so clever, in fact, that they turn the foe into the highlighted feature. It’s enough to make any corner shake its fist, laugh evilly, and say, “We’ll get you next time!” But our designers smile cooly in response because they know the real answer to that exclamation: “Not a chance.”

Check out some beautifully designed corners that don’t cut corners from one of our cabinet brands, DuraSupreme Cabinetry!

DuraSupreme DuraSupreme DuraSupreme DuraSupreme DuraSupreme DuraSupreme DuraSupreme

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