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Kitchen Memories: Mark Seigle Shares His Best; You Share Yours!

It goes without saying that Seigle’s loves kitchens—but the story behind our love for kitchen extends beyond just the cabinets and countertops. We know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Every day, it’s the place where meals are prepared and shared, homework is finished, the day’s events are discussed and dissected, and the mess and best of life happens. On holidays and gatherings, it’s where catching up and action originates. Ultimately, it’s where memories are made. This is why we love to build functional, beautiful kitchens—because your story starts here, and your memories will live here.

Kitchen Memories

Wescreen-shot-2016-09-15-at-2-17-09-pm‘ve decided to share our kitchen memories, and hope to hear about yours. To start the Kitchen Memories sscreen-shot-2016-09-15-at-2-19-17-pmeries, we’ve asked Mark Seigle, President at Seigle’s to share his best. Here are his top 3 endearing, revealing, or just outright humorous kitchen memories:

The home I grew up in was built in 1928 and featured Geneva metal kitchen cabinets. I believe they only came in one color: white. But in keeping with 1960’s they were painted yellow (not one of my fondest memories). The countertops were a mixture of stainless steel and Formica, replete with chrome edge banding. Every run of cabinets ended with the proverbial “knick-knack” shelf so everyone could preview what was going to be featured in the next garage sale.

Our floor was green linoleum, which (as you’ve already realized) went well with the yellow cabinets.  Best of all was the geometric design in the middle, delineating the traffic pattern (just in case we got lost on the way to dinner). It was only a matter of time this beautiful floor was covered by rubber back carpeting—so cutting edge and sanitary…NOT.

Here are a few memories that stand out:




1. Dishwasher suds: Whenever my elderly grandmother elected to do the dishes, she inevitably would put way to much “Finish” dishwashing powder in the dishwasher. The dishes and glassware came out clean but that wasn’t the only thing to come out of the dishwasher. During the entire washing cycle (and for a while thereafter) mountains of suds would make their way out around the dishwasher door and proceed to flow around the kitchen, often covering the entire floor.


Photo Credit: Paul L Dineen via Compfight cc

2. Faucet sprayer: I am a twin. It has been said that twins are “double trouble” and I speak firsthand. When we were assigned dishwashing duty, our favorite trick was to wrap a rubber band around the faucet sprayer, so it engaged the trigger. I can still remember how funny we thought it was when the unsuspecting next user drenched themselves. Of course, they weren’t exactly amused.


Photo Credit: sebilden via Compfight cc

3. Aromas and tastes of ethnic foods: Growing up in a household of Eastern Europeans (my mother from Germany, my dad’s family from Lithuania) the kitchen was always filled with the pleasant smell of delicacies such as Borsht, chopped liver and chopped herring, brisket, and even tongue, which tastes better than it sounds.

Do any of these make you think of your favorite Kitchen Memory? Submit your story—we would love to hear about it, and even possibly feature it here! Submit your story below.

Kitchen Memories Series

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