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Life Hack: The Brilliant One-Stop Way to Reorganize Your Kitchen

Imagine your kitchen and how it is organized. If you’re like most people, to do a simple task, like make toast, you have to make around 5 stops in various parts of your kitchen. You go to get a knife, a plate, to the pantry, to the fridge, to wherever you keep the toaster… what if you rethought the way you organize your kitchen to cut down on unnecessary back-and-forth wandering? A kitchen remodel is a great time to rethink how you put your kitchen together for flow.

When you design a custom kitchen, you can make the drawers and spaces work any way you’d like!  So here’s our organization hack: Imagine how you use and live in your kitchen, and then make function sync up with your daily life. Instead of organizing every item in your kitchen around the group it falls into—pantry, appliance, dishes, utensils, etc.—what if you considered your daily use and grouped accordingly?

Below we have some clever one-stop-shop groupings from customizable brand DuraSupreme Cabinetry. Check out the ideas, from a breakfast drawer, to a bartender’s delight, to a coffee-lover’s paradise.

Take some of the unnecessary runaround out of your day and start planning your custom kitchen today! With custom cabinet accessories, the world is your oyster.

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