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Storage Spotlight: Creative Solutions from DuraSupreme

Everyone sites two main reasons for upgrading their kitchen with a remodel: style and function. You likely have some idea of what you like when it comes to style—colors, finishes, and design that will be a feast for the eyes. But you may not be aware of all the creative storage options that are available today—how you can design both your layout and what’s inside your cabinetry so your kitchen works for you, simplifying and organizing your life! Durasupreme recently featured “Creative Storage Solutions to Incorporate Into Your Remodel,” and we loved what they had to say!

We’ll sum up their ideas, and you can read the article in full here!

Here are their top four solutions. 

1. A workstation!

There’s nothing like one built in that houses everything you’d need for a certain task—a beverage area for coffee or cocktails, baking storage, or whatever your chef’s heart desires! This one-stop-shop will keep you organized and save a ton of running around. 

We have several examples of glorious workstations featured in this storage solution trend alert.

2. Creative spice storage. 

Spices are essential to a well-stocked pantry, but, man, can they be a pain if you don’t have the right storage solution. Forget the spinning Jenny, where they are stacked within a tight circle and never seem to stop falling over themselves—instead, switch to a nice, tidy, built-in rack that is just the right size to store them where you can find what you need when you need it.

Check out some beautiful spice storage options.

3. Multi-tiered roll-out drawers.

Nothing is more useless in a kitchen than wasted space. Take advantage of every inch with multi-tiered drawers, where every drawer can do double-duty. 

See some amazing multi-tier solutions.

4. Dishware organizers.   

Storing plates and bowls improperly leads to chips and cracks—an unnecessary hazard! Instead, built-ins can help keep your dishware in tip-top shape. And as a bonus—everyone in your family will be able to find and put away their own dishes the exact same way!

Check out some dish organizing solutions, as well as other partitions that can offer a place for everything.

Thank you to our friends at DuraSupreme for these incredible ideas and photos! Read more about these solutions from DuraSupreme.

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