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Trend: Hidden Appliances and Refrigerator Drawers Create Comfortable Living Spaces

The New York Times recently featured the “iceboxes of the rich and famous” in an article that revealed that “In the Kitchens of the Rich, Things Are Not as They Seem.” The article features a growing trend of using cabinetry and cabinet-like finishes in order to hide appliances. Designers who have styled kitchens of famous people like Cher, Tommy Hilfiger, Hillary Duff, and Kylie Jenner report that hidden fridges are now all the rage.

Gone are the days of migrating straight to stainless steel, as people lean more toward the appeal of furniture-like looks. A few reasons behind the trend, according to interviewed designers, are:

  • The kitchen used to be a hidden room where food was prepared. Now it’s become a main living space and the look of furniture-like cabinetry is more appealing. From the article, kitchens are “increasingly being used as rooms for casual congregation, rather than as areas dedicated exclusively to the preparation of food.”
  • People want more refrigerator space, without the overwhelming look of so many appliances. Some people with the space are even including two refrigerators in kitchens.
  • Cabinetry now offers modern features, like refrigerated drawers within cabinetry, where people can pull out a drawer to store and chill wine, drinks, or produce.

Read the full New York Times article. (Subscription required.)

Seigle’s recently completed a kitchen in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin that included the convenient touch of refrigerator drawers.

Refrigerators aren’t the only appliance that can be elegantly concealed by cabinetry. Seigle’s Cabinetry brands offer several solutions if you are looking to smooth out your kitchen space to match how you live in it today. Check out a few hidden surprises offered by DuraSupreme Cabinetry:

Are you interested in updating your kitchen with Seigle’s to a look that resembles the living and entertaining space it has become? Make an appointment to visit your nearest location today!

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