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5 Cabinet Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Remodel

When you are designing your kitchen, you have more options than ever to get organized, creating a space that is not only stylish, but that has the ultimate functionality and flow. Cabinet brands are getting creative thinking about how you can make the best use of every inch of space—and sometimes that leads to unexpected ideas for remodeling a kitchen to suit your passions or resolve common frustrations. Check out 5 cabinet accessories that you didn’t know you needed—until today!

1. Toe-Kick Drawer. Why not make use of the bottom few inches of space where possible? Add a toe-kick drawer to store anything—placements, craft supplies, towels, or even bowls for the four legged members of your family. 

2. Base Swing-Up Appliance Shelf. Do you love your standing mixer, but hate the counter space it hogs? Tuck it away but still have it as easily accessible as possible with a base swing-up appliance shelf!

3. Utensil Drawer. Utensils can be unruly—tangled together in a bucket on the counter, or in a flat drawer that becomes impossible to close! Instead add a vertical space to store them with multiple compartments and voila!

4. Towel and Cleaning Supply Drawer. Kitchen towels are another potentially unsightly object, never hanging quite right from the oven. Instead give it it’s own drawer where it can stay fresh and dry, and pack some other cleaning supplies in as well. 

5. Beverage Station. For those of you who love your coffees or cocktails, add an organized, beautiful beverage station. Include drawers for all the accessories you might need, like tea bags, cocoa, or cocktail-friendly spices. 

Interested in remodeling your kitchen at Seigle’s? Our designers can help you figure out the accessories you need to make your dream space! Remember, we can be your one-stop shop. We offer free estimates and design, as well as installation and financing! Make an appointment to visit your nearest Seigle’s today to get started!

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