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Cooking Up Cabinet Ideas: What’s the best use of the above-the-fridge cabinet?

One of the most exciting parts of remodeling a kitchen is picking out a feature that makes perfect sense, is functional, and helps to keep you organized. Modern kitchens offer so many features that make people with older layouts and designs say, “Aha! That’s how it is supposed to be done!”

Seigle’s Designers are constantly Cooking Up Cabinet Ideas—that’s because they know functional, creative kitchen design that works for our customers. Sometimes our designers love what is interesting or quirky—perfectly suited for the client’s wishes. And sometimes they love features that are universally loved—must-haves that are needed in every new kitchen. Today, designer Beth Hoffman wanted to feature her favorite feature: Tray dividers above a refrigerator.

Beth“Tray dividers installed in a full depth cabinet above the refrigerator are a great use of space,” said Hoffman. “Cookie sheets, platters, and cutting boards fit nicely and stay organized with the help of the dividers.”

The feature is perfect for every kitchen remodel. “It’s a great use for a  ‘not so user friendly’ cabinet,” said Hoffman. “The cabinet is typically installed 72” off the floor if a standard refrigerator is used, so even someone ‘height-challenged’  like me can reach items stored here.”


Feature: Tray dividers above a refrigerator
Cost: Average price is $50 per divider
Cabinet Brand Offering the Feature: Any!
Recommended for: Anyone (especially if you love organization and hate that above-the-fridge cabinet space).

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