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Kitchen Memories: Time Travel to a Land of TV Dinners and Avocado Kitchens

seigles-kitchen-memoriesIt goes without saying that Seigle’s loves kitchens—but the story behind our love for kitchen extends beyond just the cabinets and countertops. We know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Every day, it’s the place where meals are prepared and shared, homework is finished, the day’s events are discussed and dissected, and the mess and best of life happens. On holidays and gatherings, it’s where catching up and action originates. Ultimately, it’s where memories are made. This is why we love to build functional, beautiful kitchens—because your story starts here, and your memories will live here.

We love to hear your favorite kitchen memories. Seigle’s fan Robin Seigle (guess the connection!) had plenty of memories from the various kitchens of her life. You’ll enjoy going on this time travel journey with her!


Much of my childhood was spent sitting around a table eating, drinking and talking, and my fondest pastedgraphic-1memories usually involved food. My Mom had a few favorites, but the recipe she was known for were her “Bar-B’s”, a mixture of ground beef, brown sugar, and some other yummy ingredients, served on a white bun. Mom would make these famous sandwiches for every family gathering, picnic, or casual get-together. She wasn’t much of a baker but certainly tried. Her angel food cakes always came out of the oven lopsided; they looked awful but tasted delicious, especially frosted with fresh whipping cream and chunks of broken Hershey bars.

My brother would come home from college and Mom would make beef ribs and sauerkraut to celebrate his visit. Since a typical meal was the dreaded tuna casserole with crushed potato chips on top, ribs were certainly a special treat. My mom surely was ahead of her time because she knew it was important to all eat dinner together. Each evening my brothers and I were allowed to devour our salads while we patiently sat at the table anticipating Dad’s arrival. Dinner hour was sacred—we rarely missed it and always had plenty to eat.

My dad was known to make only ONE thing, and that was pancakes on Sunday morning. In my mind it was the best meal of the week, and the memory holds a special place in my heart.


dining-roomtableWhen I was in second grade we moved out of an old farm house to a more modern tri-level home, complete with avocado green appliances and harvest gold accents and wallpaper. When our electricity would go out after a big snow storm, I remember my mom would turn on the gas oven and we would sit nearby to keep warm.

Our big splurge were TV dinners when our parents would go out for the evening. What a delight to get fried chicken, mac and cheese, and the delicious cinnamon apples served on a TV tray. The added bonus was my brother and I ate while watching our favorite television shows. That was the only time we were allowed to watch TV during dinner!


dinner2When I got married in in the 80s, I was excited to update the old-kitchenkitchen in our 15 year old townhouse. Here is my husband with our baby girl showing off the new cabinets. I guess by then we had graduated from avocado green and harvest gold—notice the trendy wallpaper in primary colors.

Looking back, the best times of my life were with family and friends sitting around a table! Thanks for the memories.


Thank you, Robin, for sharing!

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