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Meet the Team: Lorin Kirksey

Lorin has been a Designer and Salesman at Seigles for about a year. We sat down with him to get to know more about what makes him tick. Read on to find out about his favorite project, his own kitchen redesign, and even his ingredients for the perfect homemade deep dish.

LorinKirkseyWhat is your favorite thing about working at Seigles?
I have the opportunity to work for a company that allows me to be artistically creative while at the same time caring for our clients as I would want to be cared for during the kitchen design process.

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on and why?
My favorite project was creating 6 different floorplans for a 48 unit condo project. It was pretty amazing to watch the semi-trucks pull up asKitchen Organization they unloaded 1000 plus cabinets. The builder had an extended fork lift truck that raised each kitchen directly up to each balcony. I thought that that was just ingenious.

What is your favorite option in today’s kitchens?  
A blind corner cabinet with pull out shelves, as shown in the article photo.

What’s the worst kitchen design trend you’ve encountered?
Design trends will always be what they are. I’m guessing if you once wore bell-bottomed pants you wouldn’t necessarily want to wear them today and yet you probably owned more than one pair of them.

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?  
Drinks! My wife Cathy would be the one to ask, but I am fairly sure that I could talk her into making us my favorite homemade deep dish pizza. Up until recently, she would have sautéed onions and green peppers and topped it with a sprinkling of mild Italian sausage all while burying it in mozzarella cheese. Did I say burying? Yes I did. You won’t be asking for more cheese. But the last time she made it, she added jalapenos in place of the onions and green peppers, and I can hardly wait to eat the leftovers. You’re welcome to join me. Name your topping and we’ll be sure to add it!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I have driven 5 miles out of my way to stop at Mariano’s Fresh Market to purchase one—or possibly two—of their Chocolate Éclairs. Add that to one of their Italian roasted cups of coffee, and I’m feeling pretty guilty.

What is the most thrilling thing you’ve ever done?
I once drove through a rainbow. I was driving on the expressway one afternoon during a light rain and actually drove through a rainbow that was arched over the road. I didn’t think that was possible, but when I was surrounded by a million plus tiny beautifully colored light particles I was beyond thrilled.

What is your favorite room in your house?
My favorite room in my house is my kitchen, of course. It has not always been my favorite room, but since I redesigned it and added about 50 percent more usable storage space, personally removed the old cabinetry, and installed the new ones it has now become my favorite room.

If you had a 25 hour day while everyone else has only 24, what would you do with your extra time?                            
If I had a 25 hour day, I’d give that extra hour to a child.

What is the top item on your bucket list?
The top item on my bucket list would be to live in a beach house with my family on the ocean someplace where it never gets cold. I can almost hear the waves.

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