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Oops! DuraSupreme Experts Reveal the Top 10 Kitchen Design Mistakes 

When you are remodeling your kitchen, the expertise of a designer is priceless. Nothing is worse than a new, exciting kitchen that doesn’t function or look quite right! Our friends at DuraSupreme Cabinetry understand this, and have rounded up 10 mistakes with major oops!-factor. Here is a brief summary of their top ten. Be prepared for some major cringe factor! 

1. Inaccurate measurements. Mandi Juskiewicz describes design as a jigsaw puzzle. “Inaccurate measurements can cause delays to the project, unforeseen expenses, stress in your household, and headaches you could be forced to suffer for many years if not corrected.”

2. Not allowing clearance. All appliances and drawers that open not only have to fit in the space allowed, but they need clearance to open entirely. Design needs to account for size and movement. 

3. Collisions. To amplify the above problem, consider all possible ways movement can encounter other items in the kitchen. Nothing is worse than a door that scrapes against another or that won’t open at all!

4. Clashing undertones. Color is a huge factor in coordination, and it can be difficult to see and understand fully! Trust your designer to know the full depth of colors, including undertones. 

5. Not thinking of structural elements. Windows, doors, and trim matter when it comes to spacing your cabinetry. For example, you need to consider how countertops and cabinetry trim extend so they don’t extend over door trim, or you must consider how door molding may interfere with the way cabinets open.

6. Not leaving space for cabinetry molding. It’s more common than you’d think for people to forget to account for molding that will be installed at the top of cabinetry and how to account for its angles and size.

7. Ill-fitting islands. Islands should add storage and function, and shouldn’t inhibit the flow of your kitchen! Always plan a design footprint with flow in mind.

8. Minimal countertop space. Countertops are essential for prep, service, and gathering. A good design maximizes counter space by considering size limitations as well as how you use your kitchen and where to store essential items. 

9. Forgetting small details. As they say, the devil is in the details—so your design needs to consider everything from outlets to light switches to vents.

10. Not hiring a pro! As you can see from the above common mistakes, it’s essential to hire a professional in your kitchen design! That’s why we offer design free with your kitchen remodel. Leave it to us and you can avoid all of the above!

Read the full article from DuraSupreme!

At Seigle’s, we understand that your new kitchen is a huge investment—and this is why we include design at no cost. Our designers know how to put together a new kitchen where every measurement and selection is correct and every decision is intentional. When you remodel your kitchen with Seigle’s, you are sure your kitchen will have incredible flow and function! 

Are you interested in getting started remodeling your kitchen? Visit your nearest Seigle’s today to get started—we offer free estimates and design, as well as installers through our ProInstall program and financing through Greensky. The process to remodel has never been more simple. Make an appointment with Seigle’s today!

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