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Spotlight on Retro St. Charles Cabinets That Will Soon Get a Makeover

When we were asked to remodel an Elgin kitchen, we were amazed at the retro cabinet style that had stood the test of time! The home featured vintage St. Charles Cabinets, a brand founded in 1935 that was a preferred choice of many—including Frank Lloyd Wright! They were the first company to introduce color cabinets, and were known to be a status symbol for many years. 

According to Karen Williams, a St. Charles owner who started as a designer with the brand in the 1970s, the cabinets were a preferred choice of stylish homeowners. “At the time, we were also recommended by architects—they would design an entire house or apartment, and they would simply specify ‘St. Charles kitchen’.” Business of Home profiled Karen and her story is fascinating! Read the full story. 

Williams reports that the St. Charles reputation was so solid, and design options were so limited, that the design process was quite simple. Also, there weren’t open kitchens or multiple architectural options. You saw the size of the kitchen and filled it with cabinets. You picked the color, hardware, and finish, and that was that. It is amazing how much accessories and styles have progressed today!

These original cabinets in Elgin have served this home well, and we thought they were worth celebrating. At the time they were installed, this kitchen probably drew the envy of all visitors who were lucky enough to be invited over to admire this modern kitchen! 

While we love these beautiful cabinets, the owner of the home recognized that they were tired. While they held up remarkably, they were a relic from another age. Aside from the “time machine” feel of the style, they didn’t make good use of the space, offering no help with organization, storage, or cooking prep space. They served their purpose for many years, and like Marie Kondo suggests, we are going to “thank them for their good service” and say goodbye. Before doing that, we wanted to share pictures one last time in appreciation! 

Stay tuned…when the remodel is complete, we will update with before and after photos to show the new beautiful design that will serve the family in organization and function and last the test of time for the next several decades!  

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