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Wood Countertops Add Instant Warmth, Style, and More!

When you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you have so many choices to make! For countertops, you’ll likely be drawn to a certain style that suits your taste and creates the look of your dream kitchen. It also helps to know the benefits of materials you choose! At Seigle’s, you can choose between countertop options for any budget—from basic laminate to wood to heavier stones like quartz, Corian, and granite!

Today we wanted to spotlight wood countertops to talk about the many benefits of this unique option. Here are just a few reasons wood is the choice for many stylish homeowners:

Style. Get that warm furniture-like feeling, as well as a selection of colors and finishes. Choose the look that suits your taste, with several wood varieties with different grains and colors available.

• Hygienic. Wood has a natural protection from bacteria. Plus, especially with finishes offered, it’s very easy to keep them sanitized and clean!

• Easy to repair. The finishes on Seigle’s brands of wood countertops go far in protecting your wood and keeping it looking sharp. However, accidents happen—spot repair any knicks or scratches and make the countertops good as new. You can sand and repair damage to the countertops.

• Less noise pollution. Regarding noise, wood is a soft surface and dishes tend to clatter less. They can even mute the sound of your appliances as opposed to stone, which can amplify it.

Interested in checking out wood countertops for your kitchen or bathroom? You have incredible options at Seigle’s! We offer top notch wood countertop brand options, including:

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