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5 More Cabinet Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Remodel

Cabinets today offer more options than ever to get organized, creating stylish, functional spaces. With modern cabinet design, you can make the best use of every inch of space. Unexpected accessories can both suit your passions and resolve common frustrations. We recently talked about 5 unexpected cabinet accessories for your remodel. Check out 6 more that you didn’t know you needed—until today!

1. Charging station. Your devices need to be charged—forget the eyesore and confusion of cords out and everywhere. Instead, open a drawer and voila! A space to charge up!

2. Fridge drawer. Maybe you need just a little more fridge space for beverages, lunch items, or condiments. A fridge drawer can keep you organized and offer the ultimate convenience. 

3. Keurig and tea storage. Coffee and tea lovers unite. This drawer offers the perfect place to access your single cup refreshments. 

4. Lid organization. If you find yourself trapped under stacks of awkward lids every time you cook or store food, it’s time for dividers that offer the perfect place for everything. 

5. Vertical tray storage. Baking trays can be unruly to unstack when stored flat. This vertical storage drawer makes it easy to grab the tray you need to roast your vegetables or bake some cookies!

Interested in remodeling your kitchen at Seigle’s? Our designers can help you figure out the accessories you need to make your dream space! Remember, we can be your one-stop shop. We offer free estimates and design, as well as installation and financing! Make an appointment to visit your nearest Seigle’s today to get started!

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